Threat Hunting – Threat hunting finds adversaries on your network before they can cause harm. CyberEye offers a threat hunting solution that continuously monitors your devices for unusual activity. Tom refers to this service as a pack of robotic Chihuahuas – always vigilant – ready to alert when evil strikes. We provide monthly reports with an executive summary and details of the activities on your network. The report also includes cybersecurity tips and relevant cyber threat intelligence.

Dwell Time – You can’t afford to wait weeks or months to detect the presence of an intruder on YOUR network. From the moment of intrusion, the cost, damage, and impact from a breach grow by the hour. The average time to detection of 220 days has never been acceptable. When a hacker gains initial access to your computer (generally through a malicious email), the clock starts ticking. CyberEye’s objective is to find, contain, and eradicate the threat.

The CyberEye Solution – CyberEye provides the following threat hunting services at an affordable per-device monthly subscription. We can monitor one or all Windows or Mac operating systems. We notify you when we find malicious activity that requires action. We provide monthly reports with an executive summary along with the details of the activities on your network. Always Watching !

CyberEye can begin continuously monitoring your network for as low as $20 per computer per month. We support both Windows and MacOS. Contact Us to find out how affordable it can be find the evil resident on your network.