In 2017 Professor Tom Jewkes of the University of Arizona, started CyberEye after creating and teaching a class on Threat Hunting. Through his research, he realized that passive defenses for our digital networks was not adequate. The hackers had the advantage. Actively searching for abnormal activity on the network allows for quick detection of the intrusion. He developed a set of solutions to better protect our cyber community.

Mr. Jewkes has been involved in digital communications and security since 1994. His experience and education include physical and environmental security; access control; application development security; business continuity and disaster recovery planning; cryptography; information security governance and risk management; and legal regulations, investigations and compliance. Mr. Jewkes has worked for both large and small Internet Service Providers, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security in the design, implementation and evaluation of Local and Wide Area Networks. 

Mr. Jewkes is a regular contributor to the Sierra Vista Herald writing the Cyber Tripwire. Visit our blog for details.